Signing Out...

Signing Out...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I thought she was married. She wears a ring and everything and there are pics of her baby all over her desk...
Then they will both be bitching about all day while we the junior designers play a game of duck and hide when they r together.
She is being too nice to me. I am freaked out completely. I think she knows I have a blog. She said,
"So, Catwalq, I see that you like to write..."
I have to stop reading and updating my blogs at work....
And he has not said a word to me since.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

here goes

I thought I was imagining things. I forgot my cell phone at my desk so I went back upstairs. I had left HER and HIM in there; they typically are the last two to leave. That is one of the sacrifices that being head designer and senior interior design coordinator means.
I did not want to be there if they blew up again at each other like they had been doing ever since I came to work at the Inc. I mean, the last time, we all thought she was going to raie her manicured hand and slap him across his middle eastern face. I don't even know why they worked together. They never got along. They are like the coed version of the turk and the spaniard; only that their run-ins have a much greater effect on work in the office. When they r fighting, u don't want to be a designer or an intern caught up in the mix having to deliver some work from either to the other.
I guess that is why I almost passed out when I rounded the corner in time to see him pull away his hand from her face. I came to a stop and they looked up. To their credit, they did not act like anything was amiss. They simply stepped away from each other slightly so that the closeness in their forms could easily be interpreted as necessary for their conversation.
I know what I saw. He touched her face and her eyes were closed. She was loving it and so was he.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh my God

I think they are having an affair!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


It has been three weeks, and the Inc has become most of my life. i get there at 8.30 in the morning and plow my way through layers and layers of design work. the best part is that the CAD programme that I was not familiar with, I am now quite conversant with. I love my desk, which I just recently cleaned; so now, I have the neatest work space in the office.

That aside, what makes me love the Inc are the people who work there. First and foremost, at any given time of the day, there are about five different languages being spoken. Number one is Spanish, then we have Czech, Armenian, Turk and Chinese. English is used when we have to communicate across projects and it quite an entertainment watching the architects and designers translate what they are thinking in heavily accented and halting English. Such a rare treat.

There are these two guys whom I am afraid may come to blows soon. One is Spanish and the other Turkish. For some reason, as I have deduced, they are always put on projects together because it seems that as a pair, they produce amazing work. The problem is that they and bitch and moan at each other throughout the process with the Turk being a perfectionist and not much of a people person while the spaniard is into practical jokes and youtube type antics. One day, i nearly deleted an entire floor plan cos I was laughing so hard watching the spaniard trying to deliver a joke to the Turk. The Spaniard told this winding hilarious tale about how he messed with this girl on the metro and that he was sure the girl was stalking him. Even those of us that were not in on the conversation were laughing quietly to ourselves but it was the Turks blank expression from the story's beginning to the end that killed me. Most especially when the Spaniard kept asking "do you get it? now do you get it?"

I especially love noon when almost everybody disappears for lunch to all the surrounding restaurants and I am left with no one looking over my shoulder so I can have a jolly time surfing blogs and leaving comments for my favourite bloggers. This is when the office sepearates into cliques. The restaurant-goers move off in twos and threes for their daily salad rendezvous-ing; the sandwhich and subs cliques move off en mass, the fitnesss people go off to the nearby gym for a forty five minute long work out and the chinese and I remain in the office as we unleash whatever homecooked meals we have. I usually know it is time to eat mine when the familiar smell of chinese cooked rice and vegetables reaches my nostrils. It is quite interesting that they eat the same thing and it smells the same way.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I am loving it

So, I have just completed my second week with the architecture firm and I am so loving it. I am the only other black employee (the other being the receptionist) in a firm of about fifty five people. But that is good because the whites are in the minority. Most of us are foreign nationals including the two firm principals.

So loving it. have started working out religiously because i am the only one in the office with a waistline that is over 25 inches wide. at lunch they all unleash their snacks of green salads, fruit salads, nuts and wheat bread sandwhiches. I unleash home cooked jollof rice with chicken and plaintain and very recently boiled yam and fried fish in palm oil stew washed down with chilled malt. U should see my arse right about no.

i am loving the projects that I working on. am loving my window desk. am not loving the fact that I do not have an ipod and have to log my laptop to work everyday just so I can listen to my music which by the way means that i have listened to my entire playlist back to back... but I am loving it

am loving the dress code...

am loving the distance the office is away from my aunt's house. am loving that the office is just three blocks from potbelly sandwhich place where they make the most amazing chicken salad sandwhiches.

am just greatful for the internship and I am loving it...yeah