Signing Out...

Signing Out...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Affordable Housing for Nigerian Metropolitan areas

As I begin to assemble my thoughts to produce my thesis project, I have made a,list of some of the issues that as an architect, I wish all my designs to address:

1. The projects must be sustainable. They should be able to harness natural energies to power and operate themselves. The materials should be biodegradable and the building should have no negative impact upon the land or on the people into whose midst the design is placed

2. The designs should have an aesthetic contribution to its contextual surroundings

3. The design should be affordable and accessible to all who need it to be

4. The design should be innovative in its execution.

I have thought and thought and thought about the issue of affordability. Most architects will tell you that before you can do projects for the "poor", you have to have catered to the rich because it is their endorsements that help generate the revenue to be able to develop the projects.

I am thinking however, that in a place like Lagos for instance where the poor live in substandard housing at extortionist rates, why don't I develop that results in an upgrade in their living conditions yet is still afordable?

People use trailers all the time. They are long and narrow and can be reconfigurated to fulfill all the needs a living space is required to provide. Maybe that could be the basis of my design. I will do some sketches on this and see what I can come up with.

I will turn to Shigeru Ban for some inspiration
Or Klein Dytham.
Or Jun Aoki
Let me get on this and see...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Memoirs of the V spot

Before you start, I will like to invite you to check this out. To the women, feel free to share your stories about that part of your anatomy that brings us joy, pain, confusion and comfort. And to the men, feel free to analyse that which your pursuit of defines your life's decisions.

Lovely, lovely designs
Cotton spun
Lace woven
Satin stretched
Plastic morphed
All to bring pleasure and comfort
To my beautiful and precious V spot.

The tremors I can manufacture
To rock me to an explicit release
The fabric that tells me
That I can bring him to his knees
The plastics that I must use
To protect both of us from disease
All to bring pleasure and comfort
To my beautiful and precious V spot

It's the knowledge of how tender I become
When the riding is all said and done
That propels me most compulsive
To allow myself to become undone
Nothing ever prepares me however
For that blessed moment when
pain mingles with pleasure and comfort
For my beautiful and precious V spot.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who says that Nigeria has no good architects?
We do, the foreign ones just get all the props but we have quite a few that are doing some good work....
Big Ups!!!!!

To encourage all the aspiring designers out there, Jeld-wen's annual design competition is here. Get out your sketch books and let's see if an African can take home the prize. Good luck... what am saying? I am submitting too? Aaaaargh, why did I share?

So people's see ya soon

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cars That Catwalq will look so sexy in...

The Volvo XC90. My one and only. Love of my car life.
People, imagine me flowing through traffic on my way to my design studio. My stilleto clad hills flooring the gas...*sigh*

Oh My

Look at this Range Rover. This will be my make-out mobile.

What about this BMW SUV? Oh My....

Just in case I cannot have the above... I don't mind

A Toyota Camry...I call it the car with a yansh

My Aunt says this car is cheap cos it is American. I say, "Can my projects fit in back? Can my suitcases fit in the back?" I say, yes and I say carry go.

And whatever car God blesses me with, I accept but Sir, I would really, really, really love the ones above...but I am open to whatever.
First step though, learning how to drive