Signing Out...

Signing Out...

Friday, September 21, 2007

VISITATION....This is a rant

What happens if your grades are not so good, your finances are shaky, you are 23 and attend my school?
Ans: You end up in the dorm I am in with juveniles.

I am 23 and we just got visitation in our building. It is so embarassing, I am cringing as I write this blog. How can I, a whole aunty like me be needing permission to have visitors in the building of which I can only have a maximum of two between the hours of 12.00 noon and 12.00 midnight on weekdays and 12.00 and 2.00 am on weekends?

Okay, so I do not have any orgies planned or anything but I am too old for this shit. God, please make things happen so I can have my own apartment, all to myself. I am tired, tired, tired and tired.

And you can bet some dumb negro might do something extremely stupid like the fool last year that set fire to his room (ok he claimed it was his bipolar friend and who knows he might be telling the truth).

Being me, at this age and in this school is extremely exhausting.

Maybe my real bone of contention is that unlike all the juvenile, chewing-gum-smacking females and pants-sagging males in the building, I have no "special someone" to join the sign-in queue for. Like I would have a romantic rendezvous in a place where the walls are made from cardboard.
I know what my problem is....I need sleep

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oya u pple have to help me

Who can help me get pictures and/or the master plan of any one of the following UNIs?
I need pics of the senate house (where the VC stays/ main admin), the front gate and student union....

3. OAU
4. UI


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Private Sancuatry

I finally went ahead and loaned a camera from my suitemate to take pictures of my room.
I will start with a disclaimer saying that my photographic skills are definitely in need of improvement but I think I did my best to capture the essence of what I had said before.
And also, the pictures are not as rich or as warm as the room me. Many people have said they like it and I love it.

1. I had two yards of ankara fabric that I tacked to my walls. This served as a back drop for all the colours in my room. Over the years I had amassed alot in shades of blue. I was ecstatic to discover that my comforter was reversible (as the most used side had faded and dulled) and the reverse was a rich and deep blue that matched my curtain (which by the way is half of an incomplete aunt could not find the other worked out though; got the smaller room)

I took apart a calendar with some lovely pics of the island of greece and framed them using painter's tape. Funny enough, the tape is blue in colour. Took me an evening alternating between the wall and an indian movie
The way it looks from the door. God, why can't I take better pics

I always wear socks indoors. My feet are always cold. And my nose and hands.

I raised the bed (u can't see how) and store my suitcases underneath. I pulled the covers all the way to the ground and the bed anchors one side of the wall.
The carpet is an area rug from Ikea that actually, because of the size of the room covers most of the center and softens the blues.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I need a job

What kind of job can I do off campus that is legal in the US on an F1 visa?
What do I have to have to start my own business cos I am so sick and tired of being broke.....

Saturday, September 01, 2007

One week in...

And already have assignments so many, I am exhausted just from the though of doing them
And it has not helped that I have been bed ridden for the past two days.
Who knows anything about Tilt Up concrete? And Response Housing for natural disasters?