Signing Out...

Signing Out...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am so in love with my suite.
*sigh* this school year is going to be interesting.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I love watch Nigerian films. Not just because they provide a connection for me to my people but because I am fascinated with the art of storytelling and I also love to have a look into the lives of others.
I especially love the sets and locations used. Most have very little effort put into their use. It will be someone else's house ( the tell tale pictures are sometimes still on the wall) or someone else's office. I pay close attention to the decor, I guess, because I am in a career field where that is vital.
You can always tell the home of a poor man from that of a rich man. The rich man's house is spacious, airy and lavishly furnished with matching and in most instances gaudy furniture. The walls are clean. The floors are clean. Everything is clean.
The poor man's house is always dark and dinghy. Not enough space and thus very little air circulation. the wall has streaks of hand marks and the furniture does not match the rest of the house.
I find it interesting that people only associate wealth with the ability to create a space. If you consider your body a temple because it houses you as soul, a manifestation of God's love and you keep it clean in honour of Him, don't you think that doing the same of your house will also serve the same purpose?
You don't have to spend too much money to have a lovely home. You start by being clean. Then you pick colours that express your tatses. Yes, income challenged people have alot to worry about but hence your creativity.
Do you know that instead of paying alot for ugly mismatched, curtains that imitate European concepts, you can use ankara wrappers, not just for those but also for your throw pillows?
Do you know that you can arrange your pictures against cardboard and line the edges with colored tape that matches the colors of your choice, thereby eliminating the need for a frame?
Do you know that instead of a head board, you can drape fabric across the wall to create a vertical element, either directly behind the bed or on either side of it
Old buckets can be used for potted greens that line your balcony?
Instead of a full carpet, why not use just an area rug?
A polished piece of wood placed on a seperate or sturdy base ( e.g concrete blocks) can be the coffee table. I can see all those who care about what others think hising at that. alotof wealthy people are buying such things that you can pick up around your neighbourhood for thousands of dollars
To give your bed more deifinition and to create space, raise it off the floor using evenly cut wood blocks. Underneath, you can store belongings and behind it, you can drape fabric for a canopy effect. For a duvet, you can use old ankara wrappers and decorate the hem with fabric from "outdated lace" (which for the Yoruba person is lace from last year)
Be creative. Surf the internet. Go to the market and instead of shopping for exactly what is in the catalogue, walk around to the sections where they sell art work, you will be shocked what you will find and how you will use it.
Create your own spaces as your outer temples. Take a good look, you will see that the spaces you inhabit mirror the state of your personal affairs.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Internships rolling to a close.
Am going to miss it really bad.
Made me feel very important, getting up in the morning and heading to work to go rub shoulders with the design geniuses....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007



Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Inc

An architecture firm is an interesting place to work into. If you have ever been inside a design studio at school, then you have some idea what a firm looks like. The difference is, everyone has showered that day, their desks are clean and they leave between 5.30 and 6.00 in the evening.

Almost everything else is much like every other office. You have the I-too-knows, the efficient people, the lazy people that complain more than they work, the bosses who cannot quite socialize with everyone but try to be pleasant (at least at the Inc there are), the diet freaks, the women who really should just have stayed at home to raise their kids with the way they channel every conversation into what their toddler did that morning, the office feuds (the turk and the spaniard) and above all the office romances.

This woman should just watch herself. Haba!
So, Man1 (which is what I will call him) put me on his project. I did not do as if anything has been amiss and neither did he. He sometimes has to come to my desk and sit with me as he explains what he wants. Nothing wrong or special there. He sits with everyone. So, that's why I don't know why She2( that's what I'll her) is now trying to stress my life.

She knows very well that I have deadlines and she will keep trying to bounce me from one project to another. They had another run-in because of that and I heard her telling another designer, "I mean, Catwalq is quite green. She is just going into her fourth year. her skills hardly qualify her as indispensable to any project..."
Fire burn her yansh. Useless woman. My skills are not indispensible?!!!
Na me talk say make the man no wan marry, na im you come vex go marry and born pikin ( that's what someone told me)? I no send you message.

Man1 maintains that it is important I follow through on each project and I only be invloved with a maximun of three at any given time so I can keep track of what I am doing and learning (after all, he realises that I am an intern and even though they want to turn me to Jackie, I am still learning). He makes sense. She is just a trouble maker with her whiny nasal voice.

I have started blogging from home before she cracks my password. She is good with computers. And I have deleted all the web history on my computer.