Signing Out...

Signing Out...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Memoirs of the V spot

Before you start, I will like to invite you to check this out. To the women, feel free to share your stories about that part of your anatomy that brings us joy, pain, confusion and comfort. And to the men, feel free to analyse that which your pursuit of defines your life's decisions.

Lovely, lovely designs
Cotton spun
Lace woven
Satin stretched
Plastic morphed
All to bring pleasure and comfort
To my beautiful and precious V spot.

The tremors I can manufacture
To rock me to an explicit release
The fabric that tells me
That I can bring him to his knees
The plastics that I must use
To protect both of us from disease
All to bring pleasure and comfort
To my beautiful and precious V spot

It's the knowledge of how tender I become
When the riding is all said and done
That propels me most compulsive
To allow myself to become undone
Nothing ever prepares me however
For that blessed moment when
pain mingles with pleasure and comfort
For my beautiful and precious V spot.



‘yes Miss Catwalq!!

Respect sista!!…Trying hard not to lower the standard of your blog by being a red blooded bloke and inferring that this post got a brother rather hot under the collar (for lack of a better phrase)…instead I will concentrate (try to) on the compositional qualities and literal dexterity (I know I’m a bit of a show off sometimes) exhibited …Trust mi…if you are responsible for the content of that post…you should seriously consider getting published…pure GENIUS…admiration is due and thus keep it up sista!!


fantasy queen said...

i'm so loving myself right now...ahem...not literally lol'!
so beautifully written, i think u should let the whole world read this...every woman should appreciate what she's got...

Afolabi said...

wow...what a poetic description of the vagina..

Atutupoyoyo said...

I love the way you have used this V initiative to educate, entertain and tantalise in equal measure. Your posts seem to just get better and better boo. We are due a chat soon now abi?

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

C!: well...thank you. I am responsible for the contents of the post...but the internet has thieved their picture back

Fantasy Queen: Do your thang girl, do your thang

Afolabi: is it not a gorgeous thing?

AtutuP: any time. u feel better?

Pam said...

I like!

This and one other you posted earlier. Not angry, or battered, or sad but a sensous vjj.

for some reason i cant log in...

rethots said...

...fascinating analogy.

pretty said...

I just left you a comment on Koko's blog. Wanted to be the 1st to tell you!