Signing Out...

Signing Out...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catwalq is trying to hold it down...

I pledge to do all my assignments on time and in proper fashion.
I will return things where they need to be as soon as I am done with them.
I will adhere to my "to do" list like clockwork
I will get to all my classes on time
I will do all I have agreed to do
I will incorporate a workout into my schedule. I am only down four pounds out of twenty.
I will try and read a book.
I will sleep well.
I must do my spiritual exercises regularly and with reverence.
I will cook all my meals so I can save some money
I will stop going to the Victoria's Secret website and hating on the skinny girls...and lusting after the lace corsets etc.
I will not care about my acne
I be nice and pleasant this week
I will practice the law of silence
I will listen more
I will get my projects off the ground.
I will not neglect my work in favour of blogging and vice versa. There must be a balance in everything.


rethots said...

"...the law of silence" only when silence is going to be golden though. Cheers.

ibilola said...

and d ppl said AMEN!

...silence was on my list jan 1 lasted till about jan 3 when i was overtaken by d urge 2 correct some folks bad behaviour...2 mths left in d yr - Represent ma sista!

laspapi said...

Its good to have targets

stuck in my throat o said...

Balance is needed in helps with decision making and so on.When you find balance, holler at you girl on how to find some...

Comrade said...

Interesting goals. May you attain them. Pls checkout

Atutupoyoyo said...

Boo add me on

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